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The Complete Digital Marketing Guide - 24 Courses in 1

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Congratulations, You Found It!

The Most Complete Course on Digital Marketing, with 24 Courses in 1!

Instead of buying 24 different Courses about Digital Marketing - This Course Will Cover All Your Digital Marketing Needs.

This is a 100% Practical Course - Get Ready for Hands-On Experience from the First Lecture!

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This is a whole University degree, for such a little amount of money. - Livingstone Ayehangane

Buying this course was the most important decision i ever made in my career. - Mohamed Saeed

Robin and jesper are no doubt one of the best digital marketing experts and teachers out there, I love this course. - Shaheer Farrukh

The best course ever. You can always come back to any part of the course if you need to. Amazing updates and golden value. This is my go to bible for everything I do. Would be lost without it. - Rajaa Zaidi

Course Goals:

  • Grow Your Business Online

  • Get Hired as a Digital Marketing Expert

  • Work as a Digital Marketing Freelancer



  1. Market Research

  2. Set Up a Website

  3. SEO (Search Enginge Optimization)

  4. Email Marketing

  5. Google Analytics


  6. Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT

  7. Branding

  8. Content Marketing

  9. Sales Psychology

  10. Copywriting


  11. Google Ads

  12. YouTube Ads

  13. Facebook Ads

  14. Facebook Marketing

  15. Instagram Marketing

  16. YouTube Marketing

  17. Pinterest Marketing

  18. LinkedIn Marketing

  19. Quora Marketing

  20. Twitter Marketing

  21. Content Marketing Machine


  22. Digital Marketing Freelancing

  23. WordPress Masterclass

  24. SEO Masterclass

- Lifetime Access to Future Updates

- Tools, Articles & Templates

- Quick & Helpful Support in the Q&A section

- Downloadable Certificate of Completion

- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (No Questions Asked)

This course will require you to sign up to Bluehost to follow our Digital Marketing strategy step-by-step.

You will also need to sign up for ChatGPT which is completely free.

See You Inside The Complete Digital Marketing Guide!


Robin & Jesper

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